Once upon a …

Seriously technology can be so annoying. I’ve just spent 30 mins on what should have been a 3 minute search.

This is an annoying tale about different search engines in separate devices and how certain blogs are mega annoying.

I blog but I’ve never done it to turn a profit. It’s mega annoying when tons of commercials pop up constantly. Then when you hit the free down load button for the pattern and it asks you to upload programs that your computer is not happy with. Husband to the computers rescue while I move on to his laptop.

The ad at the bottom should have been my clue it’s wasn’t easy

Wrong search engine; yahoo won’t find what I’m after and when it does that website makes you buy the free pattern. Really? You said it was free?

Not free — $9 US.

Finally a website that has a free pattern when I switched search engines. It didn’t require any extra programs to print and it came off all at once. I’ve now ear marked the page as it has a tutorial.

So thanks to “Onceuponasewingmachine” for being free and for not having six pop up ads and an expensive pattern.

I’ve got some seriously cute material and a doubly cute model who has almost outgrown her birthday dress. Time to fire up the creative juices and bring on a summer fun peasant dress for my little A.

It was a lot longer on her 5 months ago!

I’ve lost the annoyance factor by blogging about it and remembering that in a year it won’t matter than I wasted 30 minutes or was frustrated. It helps that I’m outside in the patio twilight and the cows munching their way by along the fence line. Gratitude for the life that surrounds me.


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