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Sunday Snippets

June is, consistently, the month I blog the least in. The days are long, the list of outside activities is huge and life is full, busy and rewarding. It leaves little time to blog when you are making every second count.

We’ve just finished up Father’s Day Sunday with a working fire. That means we cleaned up all the dead trees, raspberry canes and rose branches. We are chilling out for a few minutes with a raspberry lemonade while listening to the cows munch their way past. Fathers Day started with family brunch. We enjoyed a little walk down by the river and I hope that our daughter got some stellar pictures. For now this one I snapped with my phone is tugging at my heart strings. Both of our fathers have been gone for a while now and the kids are pretty low key about Father’s Day. It’s a tough day for Taylor and Alyssa as his dad died so young. I’m thankful that my husband was and is a wonderful father. He’s patient, smart and willing to go the extra mile. From fixing gate latches to building decks, to smoking supper he’s an all around guy. I’m a very lucky woman.

Today’s snippet of activities were wide and varied, like most June days. I did some gardening, painting and hand stitching. What I haven’t done is dishes so I guess the moment to blog is up. I hope you enjoyed the Sunday snapshots of how we spent this glorious June Father’s Day.


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