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Bring back Wildhood

A four day busy work week has left me exhausted on this misty cool Friday evening. I’m pouring over the June calendar trying to get organized.

This commercial about RV’ing comes on called Bring Back Wildhood. The irony of my to do list while watching this advertisement about finding joy is not lost on me as I face the ever present responsibilities of adult life.

We are vegging out watching a movie about a mom and a girl who switch bodies called Freaky Friday. It’s a seriously weird but kind of funny. It makes one think about how we perceive adult and kid lives.

What if one hour a month we just gave up that responsibility. What if we brought back Wildhood? Would we be less tired and stressed? Let’s go for it!

We stare at our phones instead of the stars and make appointments instead of memories.

But it wasn’t always that way.

In our youth, we ran in open fields, and we played until the final ray of sunlight disappeared over the horizon.

We were full of wanderlust.

Of Wildhood.

No matter how old we get, it’s never too late to find it again.

Let’s break free and reconnect with one another.

Let’s reclaim the freedom that every child is born knowing.


PS //// changed the photo this am to reflect the last time I remember doing a Wildhood!!

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