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What I Miss

There aren’t a lot of things I miss about life in the city but the river bank is the number one thing. When I am in the city for work or errands I rarely make the time to enjoy it.

Last night was an exception as after my female bike group concluded I hit the river trails. I was on my way to join up with Ron after his soccer game. I have views from both sides of the river. The weather was amazing and I biked this quite a bit slower than the previous part pace. It was a lovely 15 kms and a chance to explore our city like a tourist would.

The volume of people on the trail was amazing. All ages and using various modes of transportation. The heard two live music spots and the whole ride just made me think about how cosmopolitan Saskatoon has become.

Iconic Bessbourgh Hotel

The JPCH looks like a huge ship docked

But then, at about the 35 km mark, I lost my get up and go. I decided a walk along the Memorial Avenue in Woodlawn Cemetery was a better way the end the ride. A half hour later my ride arrived; perfect timing as I had walked the main avenue and a small part of the cemetery. I’d thought long and hard about be various battles, the lives lost and how the impact can still be felt today across the world and 100+ years later. War is a forever and can’t be erased. It’s too bad humankind can’t figure out how to settle issues without this violence.

What a great setting to cap off my first ride of the season. The bonus was the fabulous smell of lilacs that wafted to me regularly.


2 thoughts on “What I Miss

  1. Saskatoon is such a beautiful city and yes, like you, I/We love playing tourist right here at home! Thanks for sharing your pictures!


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