I remember once, when I was about 13 or 14, flying to Vancouver Island with my mom. We saw people she knew in Calgary and Vancouver. I was like “what the heck?”; we lived in a small farming community so how could my mom know so many people?

Fast forward to my kids going anywhere with me when they were teenagers. It kind of drove them a bit crazy that I would find people whom I knew to stop and visit with.

Flying thousand of miles away should probably have prevented that. Or so you would think! We know one person in the whole of Newfoundland and who do we run into at dinner the other night? Yep.

None other than the one person we know; Andrew Furey who was the driving force behind the creation of Team Broken Earth. He’s been to Saskatoon and had supper at our house, which apparently was exactly what he envisioned a farm house would look like.

We had planned to met Andrew for coffee on Monday as we weren’t sure when we’d be back to St. John’s. Our choice for dinner was a place that was recommended by a born and bred Newfoundlander. We didn’t have a reservations but decided to just try it. Andrew and his wife Allison were entertaining some Vancouver Team Broken Earth members who were in for a conference. They had booked ahead.

Pure Happenstance but the previous encounter wasn’t. When we decided to go up Bonavista there was a small game plan in the back of our minds. We had found out the address of our friend’s mom and discussed going for a visit. It’s the kind of thing our friend Gary would do if he were ever near my mom’s house. He’s a friendly man, true to his Newfoundlander roots.

A text gave us the town name and the street. His instructions were perhaps a bit vague from there but turns out that everyone who lives on the road is related to each other so we had a good visit with his brother and sister in law. I’m pretty sure they were quite shocked but they invited us in. Our plan was to go visit his mom next but despite the vehicles in the driveway no one was home. We would love to have meet Margaret but perhaps next time.

Meanwhile Canada is a small place, no wonder the world thinks we all know each other.


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