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I can’t find that illusive opening paragraph that draws the reader in so perhaps I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

Yes it’s an iceberg! It’s actually early in the season but we were lucky to see an early one that floated down.

Still just visible which makes you realize it must be bigger than it looks.

Then we walked around the trail head and lost it from view.

The physical trail was a bit iffy in spots, lots of snow and spots of ice so careful attention was much more important than cardio!

Still not at the top here but this was our lunch spot. The cliff behind gave us a wind break. The picture shows were we just hiked.

Now around on the other side just please don’t ask me what direction I’m facing as chances are I don’t have a clue. I do know we are facing Trinity which is our next stop.

This town is so incredibly picturesque and quintessential Newfoundland.

Again, too early, for boats but we found them in a few perfectly placed spots for pictures.

Tiny little village that hosts 3, no 4 churches. This Anglican one is so huge and is flanked on one side by a cemetery that dates back to 1783.

We found another one, a bit more neglected, up on the top of Gun Hill. Stellar view.

We also found the guns at the top. Probably not used in 200 years but still looks cared for. This has the appearance of an old school but is now privately owned.

The houses are so amazing and most are very well cared for. This one is being restored, maybe they will do the graves in their yard next!

The downside to off season is that most places aren’t open so no lunch here. Appears to be an old warehouse. This court house, which was also the gaol, is now seeing duty as a pharmacy shop with a museum upstairs. Closed for the season.

This feels like an iconic picture to me. The cannery has been turned into a theatre. Not sure what the warehouses are used for. Again that whole off season thing. FYI – the locals say come in September.

This mural on a boat house is also as close to whales and puffins that we will be. The town of Trinity sits quietly waiting for summer but we were happy to explore it on a sunny spring day.

The words didn’t flow but the pictures tell of a stellar day.


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