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Report Card 1

Report card day was never my favourite day as I never really had an idea what the teacher or the exam results would say. Then of course add in the fact that I failed one of my five final nursing exams. Makes sense why report card day brings a sense of trepidation to me.

So why would I write up my one report card? The answer is easy. Accountability. My word of the year is self care so I wanted to check in and see how my new habits and goals are going. I’ve been doing a fair amount of journaling (so that’s on the plus side) and it promotes this quarterly review.

I’ve made one huge plus mark on the report card. I’ve been very diligent with nightly flossing ( I know it seems like such a simple quick item but I’d kind of slacked off) and my dental hygienist and my dentist could tell.

I’ve also taken care of another easy one. Hugging as been proven to release endorphins and so we’ve upped the amount of hugging in our house. At the very least one 20 second hug worthy of a long sigh and relaxing into it occurs for us. It’s so easy to “be too busy” for these little items.

I’ve been quite diligent about establishing a better bedtime and routine. I still screw it up occasionally and I’m still struggling with insomnia so I guess I would have to say this area “still needs work” but a bedtime alarm does help.

My daily stretching is still sitting a a fail or D- or requires a lot of work. I had a snow shoeing injury that ended up a bit worse for wear and I’m still working it out using Physio, massage, stretching, ice, drugs and moderation in exercise. Meanwhile I’m focusing more on it than overall stretching but will eventually win.

We’ve managed to maintain our daily walks although Ron was out of commission for a while. Winter means some days are shorter than others but we are out there daily.

It seems like a strange goal but one item on my list is to stay home an entire day and not leave the property. I’ve got this one down to exceeding expectations because I know how important it is to my mental health.

I’ve still got lots of other items on my list to work on balancing out. But that’s what life is all about; making each day the best you can given the circumstances of each day while focusing on the positives.


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