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The “Belle”

Sometimes the first attempt at a new task results in a sense of frustration and let down when it doesn’t go as well as planned. The choice then is to give up or go back and revise the process to find success.

I’m excited to report that I didn’t need to resort to either of those items as I executed it very well for the first time. Perhaps it links in to what I wrote about here at Intuition & Skill Set Pathways and this moment lead me to success because, as the boys say at work, this isn’t my first rodeo.

In the space of three evenings, totalling about 4 hours, I created a cute little Easter gift  from Baby A. I sourced an on-line pattern, Momma picked material and then I set to work. I had to learn to read how this pattern designer wrote versus how Simplicity, Vogue or Kwik Sew read. I made a couple of minor modifications and then was a bit concerned that my height adjustment had forgotten to include the “no band” at the bottom. Long story short, as my friend Judy always says, the dress fit the belle of the party although her matching shoes are a titch big. So with her Momma’s permission I have a few photos to share. Although it is hard to get photos as the wee one rarely stands still!

She does love a good game of peekaboo though and thinks hiding in the bucket beside the couch counts. Bless her little heart that fills our lives so full of love.


11 thoughts on “The “Belle”

    1. Those shoes are Canadian made — Alyssa buys them in “bulk” when they go on sale and has tons of sizes. They stay on so well even though they are a bit big. And yes we sure think she is a cutie!


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