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Spring Sunday

It boils down to a matter of prospective as it always does. It’s not what you look at that matters but rather what you see and how you to chose to react to it that counts which counts.

Which brings me to the prairie folks obsessing over spring. In reality and actuality spring is here. If that snow storm on Friday had happened in November we would still be waiting for the roads to clear up. We’d be hunkered down knowing that those drifts were going to continue to build. So while they did grow again with Sunday mornings snow they don’t signify winter any more than the coldish snap coming our way this week.

It’s seems everyone obsessed over flowers and green grass while early spring is already evident in the melting snow banks. Focus on the positives and the reality. Now how to make this work for my solar battery mind set. The sun when it popped out was fabulous and so pretty against all that amazing snow! If it hadn’t popped out the walk would still have been enjoyable.

So in case you couldn’t get outside to enjoy spring I will include some photos of our spring Sunday snow shoe.


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