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100+ Milestone

The title isn’t about how old I feel right at the moment of writing but rather that the blog recently reached a milestone. At the time it never occurred to me that it should be documented but I’ve done some quiet reflection upon it and decided for a post to mark the occasion.


The blog now has 101 followers. It’s not as exciting as 101 Dalmatians for sure but it’s also not as old as that movie!

The “followers” are regular readers who get a notification when I publish a post. The interesting thing to note is that I personally only know a handful of that 101. There are also 18 email followers who receive an email notification when I post and of this group there are only a couple that I do not know. Chances are close to 90% of the comments come from the email followers or two of the other list. Twitter occasionally pulls in readers but there is no interaction there. Facebook has a few regular readers who comment on the post as it shows up there and a few who always “like” the post.


Which is why there has been reflection. I feel, often, as a writer that I am not connecting with the readers of the blog. Which prompted more reflection about who I write for and what my goals are. Is the goal to have 25 comments per blog entry and 250 people reading it daily? Is it a open journal to record my photos and some of my stories? Is my life really the open book that some friends and acquaintances believe or is there more substance that does not appear in public format? Have I crossed lines with what I share about my family and my life? Reflection time did reveal a few answers.


The reason I blog is because putting “pen to paper” has always appealed to me. Computers make being a word smith easy and so I publish instead of letting it gather dust. I started this particular blog so my subject matter could be diverse because with our house restoration blog it is very project focused. I feel like I have become a better writer for encouraging myself and I know that many people enjoy reading these musings but having said that I feel like it’s pretty easy in this day and age to read but not connect because we all spend so much time looking at our phones but not reaching out to people. I like comments because it means I have connected with the readers and I enjoy the dialogue. There really are no specific goals other than to write and I don’t need to read “17 ways to enhance my blog and make money from it”” because that is not what this blog is about. I do recognize that having goals is actually a good thing and I do have goals for many things in my life but not for my blog right now. I did the 365 day blog and now I’m just good with the random free spirit posts. I have a few ideas for a series or two again but all in good time.

March 2013 010

Thanks, as always, for stopping in to read, to ponder, to laugh and to share.


4 thoughts on “100+ Milestone

    1. Actually Alma I would have to disagree. You fall in the upper middle of the pack for comments. There are many who have read but have never ever left a comment. You leave one if the blog post really touches something for you so that’s awesome.


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