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Bernie’s Bright Idea

A year ago and a couple of casual comments from a close friend, some reading between the lines and bingo. My bright idea was born.

My bright idea had 0 % in common with wearing a dunce cap lite up like it was Christmas. That was sort of happenstance. My choice of seats and my height put the “bright idea” capture to this photo and blog entry.

100% of my idea was to connect with one of my “older” closest friends as she turned 60. Although she spent the weekend stating she was turning 30 for the second time and I kept reminding her how much younger I was!

There were so much love and laughter over the three days. The look on her face was worth the price of the airline ticket. It was fun to interact with her three grown children and stellar for our men to spend time together.

We also spent an evening with another of the twisted sisters classmates who lives in Victoria so she popped up to Saanichton for the “surprise” event.

There were a “few” brews and some outstanding food. There was sunshine, green grass, the ocean and flowers! We spent a lot of time reminiscing but we also talked about where we are as friends, rural couples, world travellers, dog owners, children (yes we are still children to our parents) and parents.

We expanded our knowledge and our taste buds by stopping in at a local cider farm for a flight. As non cider people it was very interesting and definitely something we would consider drinking. It was even nice enough to sit outside so the dogs could join us!

You know they are good friends when they will even stop to visit a cemetery for you. I was struck by the colour of the flowers and wanted to explore. The setting was stunning. There was even a National Historic Sites and Monuments of Canada plaque talking about the importance of the black community that settled there around the little church in a rural area on Vancouver Island. It was interesting how many names Bob knew as he has spent his entire life in that region. In fact we found out it’s really hard to go anywhere without people stopping to chat with him.

And what kind of birthday weekend would it be without birthday cake or at least birthday dessert of some kind? There was some “back room” chats going on as both evenings dessert with sparklers magically appeared. One more “surprise” for Susan who’s never been that fond of them but was a great sport about the weekend visitors. Who I might add showed up without beer or wine.

Turns out there were more surprises in store for Susan’s birthday weekend although we were already on our way home by then. Bob and their children had organized a fairly significant sized party at their house under the guise of having a family appetizer gathering. Starting 60 surrounded by so many people who deeply care about you; that’s a good way to commence another decade.



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