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Mountain Time

One of the best part of social media are the photos that accompany travel posts. It allows us to live vicariously through our friends trips. It gives us a glimpse into a culture and geography that we might not see in our life time. I’ve enjoyed Iceland, Vietnam, Italy, India, Bali, Peru, Costa Rica and many more counties this way. I’ve also shared pictures of our trips abroad and here at home for my Canada 150 series.

The deep of winter for us isn’t about hot vacations but rather ski trips.

We travelled all the way post work day so it was the dead of night when we hit the mountains at Canmore but I wrote a few words upon seeing them that I feel compelled to enter here.

Their majestic beauty stood silhouetted in the moon light as we approached. A few kilometres later they towered on either side of us. So close that they almost become intimidating. They were wearing their white coats proudly.

This year we were invited to attend a birthday weekend ski trip arranged by our future daughter-in-law. So we hit the slopes in Panorama; a resort we once spent a lot of time at when our kids were ski racers. The last trip was 15 years ago so quite a lot had changed. The trees in the glades have grown a lot and there are more lifts which translates to more vertical to ski.

We spent three great days there and then today we moved along through several valleys to a different mountain range. We’ll now spend 3 days at Fernie hitting the slopes.

Our trip today started by Toby Creek and ran on down to the Columbia River. This flows through to the Columbia Lake. We drove in and out of sunshine but the constant was the fresh snow cover.

We crossed over into the more open valley area of the Kootenay River. This is when I feel more at ease in be mountains and slightly less claustrophobic. Then we turned eastward and drove back into the steep Rockies and alongside the Elk River. We arrived at our destination of Fernie. It’s got a nostalgic feel with tons of old buildings with a stunning backdrop. Tomorrow we hit the slopes here a mere two days after a significant snow fall.

These is the kind of winter trip that rejuvenates us. Well except for the part where our legs hurt but hey it’s a good pain! We enjoy our mountain road tripping.


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