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Not a News Flash

This won’t come as a news flash to anyone. We’re getting older. All the time. Every one of us. Which is a good thing.

I like to think that I’m not doing too badly. 59 with no real health issues but today I’m not so sure. Today I felt my legs burn like crazy. It would appear that walking, biking, swimming and snow shoeing are no match for a full day of skiing. But I’m not really complaining because man, how lucky am I.

Any day on the ski hill is a good day. The bonuses of today were no line ups, empty slopes, a bit of sunshine, decent snow and some quality runs.

We are set to enjoy 3 days here at Panorama, a travel day and then 3 days at Fernie. By the end of the first 3 I suspect we will need that down day to rest said legs. Lucky us!


If I hadn’t been so darn tired last night I would have added that my Physio is so right about working on core strength. And I’m so right that the amount of extra weight on my frame really needs to go. Skiing carrying a 25 lbs of flour proves that.

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