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What It Takes

It’s really all about the guts. The glory may be only fleeting or not even happen. But the guts, determination and absolute drive is never to be questioned.

Take the Denny Morrison story which you can Read Here. A serious MVA, rehab and then a stroke. He fought his way back twice to make it there this year. The other story, with a Sask. connection, is Mark McMorris’s incredible comeback From hell . It’s crazy that after that kind of injury, sustained while snowboarding, that he could return to his sport so quickly and regain the form that won him a bronze. Those guys are sic!

Samsung team moments that profile the athlete give us, the regular Canadian, a glimpse into their intense life style. One that is usually underfunded, lonely and so focused.

Home town stories by Toyota give you that glimpse of the family, community, commitment and sacrifices that it takes to make it to the Olympics. Sacrifices by everyone, not just the athlete. The RBC Partnership spot lights combine both stories and inspire us to admire these incredible people.

Each Olympic Games, summer and winter, always has one or two stories that pull at your heart-strings. That is equaled by the stellar performances and near misses that these proud Canadians pull through with;










There are always a handful of faces and names that one recognizes. Those repeat athletes whose story is so memorable or their style so unique that even if you don’t see or hear of them in four years you still remember.

This year there 25 athletes for Canada that most of us won’t recognize. That’s because the NHL said no so the coaching staff went searching for quality players. Two of these players have Sask connections that I know of. One’s mother was a high school friend of mine (that’s Mat Robinson) and the other one is the son-in-law of my nursing friend (Linden Vey). That whole family has travelled to Korea to watch so we’ll be watching for them in the stands.

Watching is what we do! Every four years we are glued to the screen cheering for Canada. We never seem to get much else done during the Olympics as witnessed by the fact that it’s taken me 3 evenings to even write this.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

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