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Haiti happens

It’s a day of mixed emotions for me as Saskatoon Team Broken Earth leaves for another medical mission in Haiti. I was disappointed that by the time the dates were released the nursing spots were already spoken for. Although honestly with those dates I wouldn’t have gone and missed Baby A’s first birthday. But now I’m doubly disappointed because my young friend, who will be known here as Doc D, has joined them rather last-minute.

I would adore a chance to work with her. This young woman was one of the best residents I ever worked with. Since her graduation as a qualified surgeon she has worked with Cuso, done two fellowships plus spent some locum time in New Zealand. She’s now back to her volunteer work life and will be first in Haiti at Bernard Mews Hospital and then going abroad with MSF to an undisclosed location.

So I miss an opportunity to do a tremendous amount of good for patients who need my skills and a chance to work with this skilled young surgeon. I’m hoping for at least a few posts of social media pictures but I want to hear the stories. The stories don’t break confidentially but do allow one a look into a different world both medically and socially. One that seems so removed from our massive consumption model here.IMG_1552

Perhaps it was the family waiting in the pre/post op area. Perhaps it was the stories we heard or maybe it was delivering the patients back to the ward. Perhaps it was walking by the inpatient families waiting in the wings and seeing them sleeping nearby at night. It’s very in your face compared to the OR here. I will miss the patients, the challenges and the team camaraderie.

I wish them and their patients all the best for this upcoming week. It will be exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

Perhaps at some point in time I will again give of my nursing skills overseas, in an environment unlike my daily dungeon one. Time will tell.



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