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Bell Let’s Talk

Today shouldn’t be any different from any other day. There shouldn’t be a stigma to mental health. There should be adequate funding and resources. It should not be the elephant in the room at family or friend gatherings.

For this culture to change WE all have to address it. WE can’t sweep it under the rug. WE all have to stand up and face what is there. Whether “we” are the patient, the medical personnel or the family and friends. WE all need to make this change. WE need to support our coworkers or our neighbours or our children as they go through this.

There are no magic words to make it disappear. There isn’t one right treatment path for everyone. There isn’t a time line. Indeed “normal” is just a setting on a dryer and not what life is about.

Life is about the ups and downs. Sometimes those downs are so far below where one ever expected to go that it is startling. Sometimes the fight to survive is brutal and can tear one apart. BUT fighting is worth it because every day counts.

IF you need help please seek it. Ask a friend to listen. Talk to your doctor. Reach out. You aren’t in this alone even if sometimes it feels like it.

I didn’t set out to do two blog posts today but you see I am quite passionate about mental health. I’ve personally never encountered serious depression rather just some situational circumstances that I’ve had to work hard to get perspective on. I’m lucky to have an amazing network of supportive people that surround me. I do know others that have suffered from serious mental illness. I know families that have suffered the loss of a loved one from suicide. I’ve walked beside a friend in her darkest hours and touched her with my voice because the pressure of my hand made her ill but she could hear me. And it helped. REACH OUT.

So take the time to education yourself and others on this Bell Let’s Talk page about 5 ways to help. 

As Red Green said “keep your stick on the ice, we’re all in this together”.

Please remember it’s ok not to be ok. If you had a broken leg you would seek medical attention. A broken head deserves the same.


4 thoughts on “Bell Let’s Talk

  1. This is amazing. So beyond true. It’s been such a struggle for me. Sometimes I feel when I needed to step back to take care of myself people made me feel bad about it or took it personally. Some people think it’s all about them you know. Talk, support, ask questions!I have missed your insightful blog! Thank you I needed to read this today!


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