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Goldilocks meets Winnie the Pooh

You guessed it! That blog post was preempted again today by something more exciting of which the title has little connection to. Which is written rather like Milne would have done.  The last time I attempted this it was free flow which really does not work all that well with certain things in life so this time I requested a pattern and directions. Which, weirdly enough, did not end up seeming that helpful! But with persistence and enough repetition I finally got the end result that was requested. This was one of those supposedly quick and easy projects and for the most part it has been.

Mqy new favourite hashtag “dropeverythingandsewforBabyA” has been on Instagram again as I have been creating a red linen suspender skirt for the wee one’s first birthday Pooh themed party. Similar to the suspender shorts that Christopher Robin wore. Classic Pooh of course.

Red linen — the kind that wrinkles and ravels and seems kind of unforgiving. The kind that was exactly what momma had in mind. So with a pattern in hand and the material on sale I went for it. But Baby A is tall but thinner than the average 12 month so the first one ended up massively too big so I cut it down. But a signficant calculation error in my ways made it too small. So the second attempt I downsized to start. But it was too small to fit over her head or up her butt. So the third attempt had some old school math being done (thanks to grampa) and just like Goldilocks the third attempt was just right.

I have a couple of finishing touches but the model wore it tonight after her bath and it looks adorable. What a lucky Nan I am — bedtime cuddles and a sweet little girl to sew for!


PS Honest — tomorrow on #BellLet’sTalk day I will post My Worst Enemy.

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