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Enchanted Event

The post planned for yesterday was preempted, once again, by an enchanting afternoon. Obviously the subject matter for that poor blog post isn’t as exciting as the event we attended. I wasn’t too sure about it initially as it seems like a waste but executed well it’s enchanting, sweet and occasionally funny. My daughter nailed the concept into reality.

She doesn’t always conform to the traditional path in that she hates pink (coral is ok), is laid back about dog kisses for babies and thinks the Elf on the shelf thing is ridiculous. So I was quite surprised when she informed me that there was to be a cake smash in honour of Baby A growing up and turning one. Plus the cake was really a healthy home made lemon blueberry and the icing was light, fluffy and tasty!

As an aside though how is that even possible that Baby A will soon be one? It’s seems like just the other day when she was born and the unicorn was bigger than her. Now here she is walking and babbling. She’s turned into this adorable little one that we are so in love with.

Back to the story. Our lovely friend, who is #50shadesof50mm, came out to capture these moments for us. Plus sing cute songs and reinforce how cute Baby A is. Turns out the photographer is pretty darn cute as well. They are both all smiles while “looking at photos”.

Being a grandparent is all about the joy. Being a parent is the hardest gig life throws at you because that little human is your responsibility. These two have stepped up to the plate.

So blessed on so many levels. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed our afternoon.



Ps I’m sure you can all figure out which are my iPhone pics and which the photographer took! Even though she’s learning as she goes her eye for detail is fabulous.

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