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Today’s planned post was preempted, not by selfish bastards (insider blog joke), but rather by sheer delight.

I couldn’t stop myself, I just couldn’t. The awesomesauce of the moments won out; again and again. Come enjoy a visual of the deliciousness with me.

I could have cared less that with the windchill it was -28. I wasn’t cold, indeed I was sweaty. 2 km in 31 mins and it’s a good cardio workout compared to walking. The only thing I lamented is that part way through the walk dusk hit but it allowed for some great photos. The iPhone wasn’t happy with me for exposing it so often for photos and crashed once back in the house. I was happy that the workout and the photos were there when it booted back up.

It’s amazing what white snow and blue skies did for my energy level all day long. Winter doesn’t have to be endured – it can be embraced.


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