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Off Kilter Perspective

There are times in life when the day goes off kilter and you never saw it coming. For times like that you need to remind yourself of perspective and the bigger picture.

Or take an off kilter picture and go with the flow. Every single time I do a weird angle picture I delete it. They seem so “wrong” but darn this one is really pretty with the frost and the sky!

Two solid days of fog amounted to so much hoar frost that I could see every single strand of barb wire on my drive to work. The sun was still out when I got home so I took my off kilter day for a dog walk.

The bigger picture, and a shoulder or two, always help straighten out the view. It might not straighten out the bumpy road but it lets you know someone is in your corner.

Here’s hoping we all have the someone we need in our corner for those off kilter days. As Red Green always said “keep your stick on the ice, we’re all in this together”. Bernie

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