Now I usually start the year out with a blog post about the word for the year. I’ve even picked out the word/phrase but somehow I feel a bit uninspired. Not by the phrase but by factors in my life right now.

There is a heavy work weight around my shoulders right now (long story and more on it another time maybe) plus the usual post holiday season exhausted/over eating/under exercising/lack of sunshine/tired from insomnia/too much overtime/not enough days off thing going on. But really nothing that should keep my motivation down to write about this year’s phrase. Then I wondered if perhaps I was tired versus uninspired as the list above makes me tired typing it all.

But first the background stories. I spent a lovely weekend in Maple Creek in the fall with two friends (our other two couldn’t join us sadly) recreating the mental/physical breaks we take when we venture to Vernon for our spa weekends. Loads cheaper and we each brought something to share about our journey in life and coping mechanisms.

One friend was reading a book called “Present Over Perfect” and many passages from the book totally resonated with me. We even purchased two extra books and sent them along to our MIA friends. Not really sure why I didn’t buy it at the time but it’s on my list at this moment.

The other behind the scenes that set up the direction I was heading was a posting on social media that I saw about cancer. The over lying bigger picture was to be present. Not attached to a phone or in your own shell but really being engaged in the moment. Whatever it might be. I’ve blogged a lot about being connected. It’s a reoccurring theme hidden within many posts so I know I can do the engaged part but can I do the simpler way rather than the frantic. Can I leave the dishes during the party? Can I go to bed with the attic a mess? Can I quit something I started that doesn’t make me happy? I shall read the book and see where it leads me.

The question remains will I do any better at this than I was at Moderation or at Balance Challenges .


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