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Note To Self

Today’s planned blog post is being interrupted by a Note To Self.

I tend to roll on the law abiding side of life although I do occasionally speed. My natural inclination is to pay bills on time and carry insurance.

That is until I forget.

Like for three months I’ve been driving around with zero insurance. So on the side of the road in the setting sun I renewed my insurance by phone and politely accepted a ticket for a significant amount from a young officer. Because like really who is there to be mad at. Somehow we both missed responding to an email. So the vehicle I drive 5 days a week had no insurance. Not good at all.

That’s how easy it is to be forgetful. So I’m happy to have a ticket and not an accident that brought this info to light. Sometimes I miss the paper notices that sat on the counter and drove my OCD crazy so that I would be forced to deal with it. I do remember when I drove for part of month with no driver’s license. Shit happens sometimes so I am just taking the positive from this and trying not to beat myself up about the cost of the ticket.

I hope to avoid this again next year. While I sat there waiting for my ticket I put a reminder in my phone. Now I have two important things to remember in January 2019!


8 thoughts on “Note To Self

  1. I am glad you didn’t get another ticket for using your phone to get that beautiful picture of the setting sun in your rear view mirror, with the pretty blue lights flashing before it! It could have been worse – you are correct to focus on that – and move on! Hugs!


  2. Just an idea – set up a pre- authorized debit with SGI ( and every other company where you have periodic payments – telephone, insurance, electric etc.). No worries about forgetting to pay and it sure helps with budgeting since a lot of them can be set up as equal payments. I have done this for years and have had zero problems.


    1. This is one of only two bills not on PAD. The reason is that, when we both worked on campus, we split one vehicle and used the farm truck in the summer as the second and the SUV in the winter so I’ve yet to turn it over to an PAD. I was so happy when I set the rest up that way — took a monthly load off my shoulders. I couldn’t do our taxes that way as the RM wasn’t set up for it so just pay that as a lump sum.


  3. Don’t beat yourself up, just be thankful that no one got hurt, it is only a ticket – pricey maybe, however, only a ticket! My normal advice is “go for a walk” and now another piece of advice would be “hug your grand daughter”. Love that one! xoxo


    1. I did go for a walk! It was just a titch darker than originally planned as the sun set while I sat there. I wish I could hug her but won’t see her today. Lucky me that I do see her so often!
      And yes I’m trying not to beat myself up and am so thankful it wasn’t an accident that brought it to life.


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