Flora,fauna and feet 

It might not seem really obvious what the connection between flora, fauna and feet is but I’d wager most people could puzzle it out. When you are out seeing the first two you are using your second two.

We did a fair amount of hiking while we were away a couple of weeks ago ((took me a long while to complete this post😕)). We’d gone south for some R & R, sunshine and pool time.

The R & R by the pool was sensational but the area has lots to offer so while there we like to explore. The hills surrounding the greater Palm Springs area are a huge network of trails plus Joshua Tree National Park isn’t far away. Besides the hiking we planned Ron also had a drive he wanted to do called Palm Trees to Pines so that was a full fun day. Radically different from the pool but we always came back and had a hot tub for some relaxation.

It is usually the flora that stops you in your tracks. There are lots of weird plants to examine and take photos of.img_6014


We also saw some fauna and more than one. Often it’s just a random little bird here or there that one hears or sees in the desert. Not this time! The first picture will challenge you to spot them but subsequent pics show how close up we saw them. This was hiking up Ryan Mountain. They hadn’t grazed far off as we saw them on our way down as well.

The vistas are stunning in Joshua Tree National Park and in the San Juanito State Park. They aren’t technically part of the flora or fauna but definitely the reason to keep going that extra mile or two!

The photos that you won’t see? My feet. I had an issue the one day walking in the sand and let’s just say it didn’t end pretty at all.


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