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Final Advent Update

I strongly suggest you read this post. I am just a conduit for a story that will pull at your heart-strings and make you pause. I need to set the stage as there are multi levels of connections running through it.

A few days into December I jumped on an advent calendar and decided to do the one that I blogged about it here .  I felt it important to recognize how deep the layers of blessings are in my life. At that moment I had no concept where I would donate the money although the food bank did come to mind.

Social media sorted out the direction of my donation when I read a post that my friend shared. Tami lives in Alberta now although she briefly called Saskatoon home. Her daughter Sydney and Alyssa spent a lot of time riding horses and cementing a deep friendship. But this story isn’t about Tami but rather about her sister-in-law Tanya. We had briefly met at Sydney’s funeral.

Tanya’s story is a complex one in some ways and in others a simple one. Wife to Tim and mother to two boys and a funny strong woman. She was employed, engaging and “normal” until two years ago today when she was diagnosed with cancer. She has been very public about her health struggles and I have watched her do several videos where she held up cards and let people read an update. The last one was different as she talked. It was as real, honest and hard to listen to because it brought forth the complex level of struggles that she has going on. The medical community here in Canada has exhausted the resources available and she went south for an opinion and to see if there were answers. There were but here is the next level of kicker. The money for the operation and care is so outrageous that at first she felt they couldn’t even discuss it as an option. They are looking at selling their house. The Medicine Hat cattleman have stepped up big time and had a bull sale with the proceeds to her cause. Then a friend started a gofundme page. The money is growing. The operation date is set for January 8th and I believe she is soon on her way to Texas. You can find out more info here at Tanya’s Link. 

Like I said it was an easy decision for me as to where my funds from my gratitude calendar were going. We take health care so for granted that we never question treatments and operations. We, the generic people, also take our health for granted but there are no guarantees as Tanya’s story illustrates.

I had fallen behind doing the weekly totals but that’s all right as it’s just a cumulative total. Then I suggested that Ron take up the cause and so yesterday we sat down and did our totals. His was $67.45 and mine was $69.30 which made the grand total $136.75 but I know for sure that I am going to round-up to $150 for all those blessings in between Christmas and New Year’s that we enjoyed. I didn’t enjoy getting up and going to work and the polar vortex was real but seriously if those are the biggest issues I face right now then it is all gratitude on this front.

Tanya’s GoFundMe Link



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