Learn and explore 

Baby A spent the afternoon with Gran so momma could have some alone time and we had so much fun.

Each and every time she visits, which is lots (lucky us), she learns something new or shows off a new skill learnt since we saw her last. It’s fascinating to watch them absorb, attempt and master new actions. The amount babies learn in the first few months is totally astounding.

“I got this gran” she says as she crawls up the stairs. I stay on alert though as she has no concept about down the stairs yet and no fear of failure going up.

Maybe adults would be better learners if we were not so scared of failure. Somehow we want to be perfect that first time around instead of practising again and again and again like Baby A does with the stairs in her visits her.

I remember my first text messages to my children and the response. One asked who had taught me how and at that moment I was determined to master technology. It often takes me a few attempts to find my way back and make it work but I do practise and don’t give up easily.

I push myself with writing, blogging, quilting, sewing (and just so you know those aren’t the same skills), baking.

Learning at work is a given as technology and equipment are constantly evolving so we must keep on top of it all.

Some people never stop growing and learning and that’s what keeps them young. The elderly woman in this photo, who is way older than you would guess, challenges herself regularly. She sews and quilts with a heart of gold as most of her items are donated to charitable groups. You see her in the photo below with outfits for the Haiti Mission group and her lovely niece who coordinated the donations. Despite some challenges she doesn’t let it slow her down.

That niece is also a colleague and a friend of mine. She loves to challenge herself creatively and professionally. I was lucky enough to host her for an educational afternoon in my attic where she taught a card making class. Although she doesn’t see herself as a teacher she had done an outline, organized supplies and stayed on target with her program despite our bubbly enthusiasm and side stories. It was outside her comfort zone but she stepped up to the challenge and taught us all several new techniques.

These are the cards the four “learners” made and below is a card she brought to show us. It’s stunning and shows how she challenges herself to keep learning and experimenting.

My hope is to never stop learning and exploring. I am full of plans for my retirement in 2019; night time photography class and practise, quilting techniques to learn, a jacket that I want to sew, baking challenges and the list goes on. I don’t want to let life pass me by, I want to stay engaged and interested in a diverse range of areas.

Learn something new today, challenge yourself. Just go for it!


One thought on “Learn and explore 

  1. Alma D December 18, 2017 / 8:26 am

    It was a very fun afternoon hanging out with friends in your beautiful attic. I am so blessed to have such great co-workers as friends. Nice blog, Bernie. I will pass this on to my aunt. She often posts photos like these on the wall of her sewing room to inspire her to carry on. She is an amazing lady. I am excited for you to start enjoying retirement soon.


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