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Pukaskwa National Park

At long last a return to the Canada 150 series. These have been stock piling so even though winter has descended I will post them to remind us all of the beauty of Canada. It will inspire summer places to explore.

This summer friends of ours, Pat and Alan, did a cross Canada tour and had time for some side trips. This was one of them which proves that free access to Canadian Parks increases the likelihood of spontaneous visits. They even found the red chairs!

So in Pat’s words here is the trip into Pukaskwa National Park.

You are on a long distance road trip with plenty of time available and spot a National Park sign up ahead.  The natural thing to do is put on the signal light and head off the beaten path.  That is how we came upon Pukaskwa National Park located on the north shore of Lake Superior between Marathon and Wawa.  It was a beautiful summer day and what an amazing location.  We parked the truck, unloaded the bikes and went for a bit of an exploratory ride quick to discover that this is a park for hiking not so much biking.


This is deemed a wilderness park with short day hikes as well as week-long hikes. Canoes, kayaks and paddleboards are available for rent but sadly all were rented but the paddleboards and we weren’t sure this was the location to learn!


Hiking the rocky cliffs allowed stellar views of the lake where we might have been paddling and plenty of views out over the lake.

After climbing up, down and around we found ourselves at a beautiful sandy beach.  The water was welcoming after our hike and not at all crowded.


Back at the interpretive centre we enjoyed our picnic lunch and then read the displays about the local Indigenous people, the Anishinaabe First Nation. Nearby is a model Anishinaabe camp where we learned more about their traditions and culture.

It was a perfect unplanned side-trip and will likely call us back for a longer visit.

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