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Something from Nothing 

There is a wonderful children’s book called Something from Nothing. It’s by one of my favourite Canadian authors of that genre, Phoebe Gilman. I was reminded of this book recently when I decided to create something from nothing. Once the leaves fall and the planters are cleaned out and put away the yard seems so bland.


Now as regular readers will know I am inherently frugal or cheap or whatever you want to call it. Take my old things garden where the items can’t cost more than $25 and preferably free is better.

So I looked around and thought what have we got available to add colour and texture to the boring areas. A couple of years ago we picked up many glass blocks for a song at our favourite local antique yard so that and the year round  planters were my starting point. Then I went around the corner and came up with some interesting tree branches that had been pruned and are well seasoned from a few years in the pile. I also found a few odds and sods in the garage and that was the basis of the displays.

But I knew it needed some colour; fall colours for now, reds for Remembrance Day and then seasonal Christmas colours after that. I have a lovely red barn door that will replace the window for the next two displays. It will be interesting to see how it all manages in the wind.

With something from nothing being the theme of the displays I went “shopping” upstairs in the attic for ribbons and yarn. Then I went, armed with pruning snips, and took the dogs for a walk. A little of this and some of that. All things that will grow back nicely with a pruning.

I married all three items together,  somewhat randomly but also symmetrical at the same time. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  My little helper told me when it was time to quit before I got to add that smidgeon more colour.  What it really needs is some solar powered lights to go in it. Believe it or not I actually have a few of those lying around waiting (picked up at 75% off) for the sidewalk entrance stone columns so I’ll pop them in there as well. The colour gatherings certainly helped. On Halloween night I will add the pumpkins as well.


Ps — it survived yesterday’s crazy wind storm. The entrance stairs on the other hand don’t look all that good anymore. Funny how you don’t notice that as one comes and goes.

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