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We are all Somebody 

It’s hard to make sense of the world at times. The events of the weekend hammer that home. But really it’s the events of any weekend because the trauma comes in many shapes and forms and is rampant around the world.

I read a blog post this evening called Somebody’s Somebody. It was written by Dr. Andrew Furey, the orthopedic surgeon who has been the driving force behind Team Broken Earth. Within this mission and this post he articulated so well what often lives in my heart and my mind during my professional days.


As you know, if you are a regular reader, that I’ve been to Haiti and chronicled it here with several posts found under the title of  Haiti Mission. It had a tremendous impact on me but the truth is I don’t need to go to Haiti to find pain, suffering, trauma and that one split second that changes a life.


I see patients on their worst day. Sometimes it is their last day despite our best efforts. Sometimes I see them over and over again as we try valiantly to fix the devastating effects of the one split second that changed their lives forever. Over the decades some of these patients have dwelt in my heart and my memory. They are someone’s mother, sister, aunt, cousin, best friend. Their father, gramps, big brother or the youngest child. They come from all walks of life. Each colour, race and religion.


This is what the staff at so many hospitals in Las Vegas are facing right now. The mass onslaught of so many someone’s fighting to hang on to their lives. The angst of their families as they wait for news. The pain of the sudden traumatic loss that does indeed break the heart in two.

But we must have faith that we can make the world a kinder better place. We must do our best to treat everyone with kindness. Don’t share the story of the shooter but rather remember the victims. The world is a tough place but if we reach out and touch a hand and a heart it becomes easier.

I leave you with a song that helps remind me of words to live by: Be Humble and Kind


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