True North 

It seemed I had lost my sense of direction which was no surprise to my other half. This became apparent when I pointed towards the lake which apparently wasn’t in that direction. A couple of turns later in the trail and at the top of the hill I tried again. In my defence it was cloudy so the sun wasn’t a big guide for me like it somehow was for him.

At this point I remembered that my phone had a compass but apparently it wasn’t “right”. This was because it didn’t agree with the engineer. Then there came the fairly significant discussion about north; magnetic and true north. The long white line, in the photo below,  was the direction he said was north so ….

It was a trail and we weren’t in any danger of getting lost so after flower photos and some berry eating we headed back finally having seen these sand dunes that are plentiful near Lake Diefenbaker.

Sitting around the supper table the talk turned to our hike and true north versus magnetic north and what the angle difference was. Then I asked what seemed like a logical question, well to me anyway, which  is there a true east then. The three engineer type people raised their eyebrows at me but the other nurse in the crowd totally got it! Then we explored our iPhone settings and found how to turn True North on. Interestingly enough our two phones side by side didn’t find the same north. Meanwhile the conversation turned to south and its magnetic pulls and how water spins the other way. Apparently, according to an engineer, that was in a controlled situation with no gravitational forces. He knew all the details so we believed him. Just like we usually believe engineers.

But don’t you wonder how people figured these things out in the first place? I’m reading Jean M. Auel’s final book, “The Land of Painted Caves” and it gives some insight into life before compasses and how intuitive and critical thinking skills were so important. Hm – guess it might be time to ramp up my mind seems the “norths” played with my mind. I’m kind of partial to being part of the True North Strong and Free.


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