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I digressed quite significantly this morning when I broke a jar in the cold storage room.  Which turned what was a quick trip for jars into a let’s clean up this whole entire space.

I’d been stalling on the reorganization of the shelves because the plan is for Ron to rebuild them. You see they were here when we bought the house. They were in the back porch area and we moved them downstairs to their current location and put them to use. Sometime this past winter  they became very much like the leaning tower of Pisa. This was “fixed” with a piece of wood braced to the wall. New lumber was cut and hauled downstairs. It awaits a rain day, which is something we haven’t had since May, for the build.

I couldn’t wait so after I cleaned up the glass and before I added fresh preserves to the shelf I gave it a thorough once over. We also digressed once I was doing preserves to pulling a piece of glass from my foot. Weird that it went in after I cleaned and vacuumed with shoes on.😒

Because once the mornings work was done I had all of this to add to the shelves. Well not all of it as the zip lock bags are freezer material.

It’s cool that my age isn’t showing in this photo — funny when you can’t even see me. But what I mean is that it’s not just my demographic that is preserving >> blanching, freezing, canning and processing. These are terms that Gen X and Millennials are embracing. My daughter has an entire cook book dedicated to preserving. The pickled bean recipe came from my young work friend. The best pickled beets I’ve ever had are from another young nurse friend and I need to see if she will share that recipe when I return all her jars. She’s the kind of addicted gardener and canner that gives away tons of stuff and just asks for her jars back!

I’d never do a food blog for many reasons although I will share recipes and tips. If you need info about canning ask your gramma, mom or go to as they have a lot of great stuff there. And no, I’m not one of those bloggers that gets paid for doing promos!

I have a friend who lost her entire garden to a nasty hail storm. I’m thankful that we are just suffering from a drought and that we can water occasionally. The raspberries are doing amazing well. The peas are stunted by producing like crazy and the beans are better than normal. Fortunately I can go to the farmers market and buy carrots as there won’t be many of those.

I’m sure it’s been a tough year for those who make their living off the land; farmers, ranchers, market garden and orchard owners. I for one am thankful for what I have.


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