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What not to wear 

There was a show a few years back where “they” picked apart someone’s sense of style and their wardrobe. Tips were given for shopping and some money and off they went to reinvent their own look but much more tastefully.

Well yes I could have been a participant on it except that I’d bloody well refuse to throw out my favourite sweat shirt or capris. My wardrobe just gets recycled as work clothes so by the time it’s truly worn out my family and friends might have seen those shorts or that sweat shirt for 20+ years.

Tonight’s episode is brought to you by my berry picking attire. Causal  capris, socks, hiking boots to prevent wet feet and my heavy flannel shirt thrown on over my causal biking shirt. Yeah it’s a good thing he loves me! Although in the selfie above I can tell you he still has that shirt as well. He’s still skiing in a jacket from the 80’s so I guess we are well suited.

The cats and dogs don’t care what I look like as long as we go for a walk. The truth of it is I don’t care either because I’m in my happy place!


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