Little Voice 

I’m pretty good at ignoring the little voice in my head. As a caregiver I’m quite typical in that I usually put myself last. Obviously when you combine those two factors self-neglect happens. 

I pretty much suck at going to bed on time and getting enough sleep. Consequently I sleep through my alarm and as such run out of time to do my stretches in the am. Every day I struggle to make good food choices instead of bad. I brush my teeth twice a day but flossing is another item I’m hit or miss at.

The list goes on but the biggest item has to be that I don’t put fitness and stretching on my priority board. They never hit my to do list. That’s why I play soccer and belong to a biking group because without the commitment it’s too easy not to find the time.

My dog walks are my mental salvation and the one item I’m pretty faithful with. Of course the dogs help with that because they can tell time and know when we should be going. Unfortunately they aren’t always long enough to count for serious fitness. And not once ever have I come back from a walk and stretched. Of course I’ve never come back from a bike ride and  stretched either.

The totally ironic part of this entire aspect of my unbalanced life is the following text from my good friend and then what I subsequently discovered last night.

For the last two weeks my legs felt exhausted. For the 6 days I’ve been back at work I felt totally exhausted. I went to play soccer last night, as per the commitment thing above, and within the first 30 seconds of running I figured out why my legs are exhausted. My quads are tight. Not crazy tight but that’s what the heavy leg feeling is. I came home from soccer and did some stretching and rolling. So my wise friend, who does indeed put her own physical and mental health on the priority list, was right again.

Guess what I did this morning? I stretched!

Everyday is a new day and we just need to try our best to be kind to others and to ourselves.


2 thoughts on “Little Voice 

  1. Georgina July 14, 2017 / 11:47 am

    Ya i suck at that too! Maybe we could go to yoga together?


    • bernielynne July 14, 2017 / 4:56 pm

      Except The part where yoga doesn’t really interest me!


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