Once upon a time 

Once upon a time I tried to kill my husband. Now this is a true story but perhaps not in the context that you’re thinking. To be fair to me I warned him but he didn’t listen. Now the shoe might be on the other foot. 

The original story is about twenty years old and not one that I have shared very often for you see it puts me in a bad light.  Although I think in a court of law I would have probably gotten off as I did warn him.

It had the prologue of a couple of days work as making chicken soup from scratch takes time. You have to make the stock cool it skim it and then make the soup. I’m quite certain that it was the call that stage that I blew. I finished up the soup and served it for lunch. I took one bite and said “don’t eat it, it’s bad”. He consumed two bowls. He was sick, really sick for about 36 hours. I said I was sorry about 50 times.

Now today he pulled out fish from the fridge and cooked it on the BBQ. Fish in the fridge always smells bad to me but cooked it smelt ok. He thought not and told me “don’t eat it”. I proceeded to eat it as my first two bites had tasted fine.  He threw his out. We shall see who was right. If you don’t hear from me in 36 hours maybe check on me!😏


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