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The comment on the post asked if I was pocket blogging or post call delirium blogging. How about a combination of both?

Post call nighttime work ended @ 0545. Not enough time to go home before the 0730 start to the reggilar work day.  I had breakfast and cat napped in the lounge — a real sleep would have left me feeling worse than a few minutes. By 0930 on my first break I was cold and hungry. So pretending I was a hobbit I went for second breakfast. While I was  upstairs having hot oatmeal I started a blog post about flat tires. 😜 This was prompted from last night’s blow out flat tire. I did manage to save it but somehow ended up starting the Z post. Isn’t that hysterically funny that it was z! I thought I had deleted the post but somehow I guess not! I had no concept until two people left comments on the Facebook link. This I saw this evening after my 8 hour work day and my 1 1/2 hour nap. So then I’m like wow 3 comments, can’t let that post go to waste. Although it probably went to my waist. Second breakfast calories do count and then I had popcorn this afternoon and frozen chocolate chip cookies (2) now. That’s how I keep the momentum going on 2 hours of sleep is by carb loading. Really I should go for a walk but it’s cold, windy and my feet hurt so think I’ll skip it.

So there was some Z time today but it wasn’t at work except in the blogging sphere. No concept how I didn’t delete it as that’s what I tried to do.

Meanwhile back to those flat tires on the next post and some sleep for me tonight. Thanks for dropping in on my zzzzz time!


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