Exit Strategy 

It even has a fancy name these days; exit strategy. I just like to think of it with a capital R. 

Today was supposed to be the first definitive step towards the Big R. I had planned on spending the afternoon at the health region’s information session taking notes. Instead I spent it at work teaching and providing quality patient care. 

Sadly the next session isn’t until October but it seems that there are several on line tutorials and webinars plus there are two HR personnel who specialize in this transition. 

I mean how hard can it be? Pick a date and walk out the door. It’s just deciding what the date is and that’s the part that is undecided as it depends on some of the numbers they project and the crunching of our own numbers. I think learning to live on a fixed income will be harder than walking out the door. 

Someone very recently said they’d been given the advice to retire as soon as possible. Given how things can change in a heart beat I think that’s not a bad idea. Plus I feel like I’m getting concurrently more exhausted each week. I’m not opposed to working part time at a different job for a few years. The guys think I will miss work too much; methinks the guys will miss me too much hence their lack of enthusiasm for my projected terminal. 

Time to do some research. 


One thought on “Exit Strategy 

  1. Deirdre May 29, 2017 / 12:33 am

    I second that last thought – you may miss work a little bit, but work will miss you much more!!!


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