Chock Full 

I usually plan my week to ensure that I have a couple of evenings free of commitments. Although most people probably don’t realize this I quite appreciate peace and quiet. The run run run of daily life is enough grind without endless activities.

But not this week! It’s was a chock full calendar with something scheduled for every evening. That’s just the ways things aligned this week. .

So instead of craving the quiet and missing it I’m focusing on the positives of each event.

Monday was the kick off and jersey pick up for our biking group the Pedal Wenches. It’s hard to leave there and not feel energized being amongst such vibrant and friendly women. I followed that up by a 9 km bike ride up to the soccer field were I was in time for the social part of being a Dodger — drinks.

Tuesday nights engagement was pure enjoyment as I did the night routine with Baby A. The parents were trying to finish up some major outside work so while Ron helped them I gave the wee one a bath, bottle, books and bedtime. I might have also stolen a thousand kisses! It just doesn’t get any better!

Wednesday was my first outdoor soccer game in 3 years. I’ve continued to play coed and decided I wanted one more kick at the can so to speak. I returned and am one of only 3 originals left on the team so some new faces and dynamics. The verdict is out on whether this is physically and mentally a good plan. It was a late game under the lights and therefore a very late night by the time I stretched.

Thursday was road bike night with the aforementioned group. While I find the 6:00 start times a challenge (mostly means I don’t go home) the group dynamics far ourweigh the negatives. This is my third year and I’ve learnt so much about biking and group biking while I’ve made some awesome friends along the way. This year I’m giving back and becoming a leader for a beginner level group alongside the organizer, who is an all around inspiring young woman.

That was followed up with a late supper date with my sister. She was on her way to our mother’s house for the weekend and stopped for the night. After a long kitchen chat we ventured upstairs to see what I was currently working on. My preliminary design layout on a tote bag needed some refinement so we meshed out options. Our shared history makes this kind of activity so easy.

Friday’s event was a long overdue supper and drinks with friends. There was lots of laughs, good food and cold beverages. What better way to cap off a long week? Plus we got to ride the ferry and see an amazing display of northern lights. A totally stellar way to end a fulfilling week.

But wait, it continued on with a last minute supper invite for Saturday night. That meshed with a pre planned Sunday night supper with friends means I will have been out seven evenings in a row. Plus side there is that for most of them I had a driver although his choice of music certainly hasn’t grown on me. For the weekend ones I was home during the day.

Each and every event deposited something into my fulfilled account so worth the loss of quiet. But you can bet your bottom dollar I won’t be leaving the property on Monday!


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