Garden Variety Nurse 

It might seem a stretch to connect nurses week with gardening but trust me that there is a correlation.

One must travel back in time to see the connection. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I started nurses training (in 1977) we were allowed to wear “one small pair gold, silver, or pearl earring only”. No necklaces were allowed (but apparently I was a rebel even back then as I am wearing one in my grad photo)and a watch which was necessary for taking the pulse. Nurses wore white and student nurses wore blue. In the Operating Room, when we did our six week rotation, the word student was taped on the front of our surgical hat. Rules weren’t made to be broken and standards were high with few exceptions to the rules.

Fast forward to my evening working in the flower garden. I work gloves but somehow I always manage to get my fingernails dirty. This then entails a very intense hand and nail cleaning at home. My entire summer I will spend 5 mins per evening scrubbing my hands at home. Although standards in some areas have relaxed dirty fingernails or nail polish are a huge no no in the Operating Room.

So while gardening is very good for the mind of the nurse it’s less so for the back and the hands. I am going to strive for a bit more of a moderated balance approach to gardening for my back’s sake. For my hands there is always a scrub brush or two found around the sink.


2 thoughts on “Garden Variety Nurse 

  1. Janice May 12, 2017 / 2:10 pm

    Such beautiful, caring hands!


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