Spring certainties

There are a couple of things that you can be certain of in spring. It will eventually become green, even if it feels too slow, and there will be mud. 

After an inch of rain in just over 12 hours the gravel roads were a bit sloppy. Which means that my vehicle was worse for wear. As a rule it doesn’t bug me but I arrived home with a pretty much flat tire. I thought it was just driving badly because of all the mud in the rims.

Needless to say the SUV had to have a bath before the tire could be changed out. I was chopping at the bit to go for a walk but I did my share for the process. Although in my “spare” time I did walk over to see the calves that all popped out while I was gone.

This little guy and two mommas have decided our side of the pasture has greener grass so they are hanging out with us.

The wind had died down by this point in time and the sun was brilliant with that late evening light. The geese were coming back to the lake so we had a constant serenade as they did fly bys.

 I spent a considerable amount of time and pixel space capturing the greens of the walk and the occasional pops of colour. 

I did squeeze in time to run up and see the garden. I’m extremely pleased that the raspberries are filling out nicely, the rhubarb is finely pushing through and all the hedge plants appear to have survived another prairie winter. The circular garden has a hearty crop of weeds already and several bushes and flowers seem to be showing up. Of course I don’t remember what they are but I’m just happy to have green!

Too top it all off was a lovely sunset shortly after our arrival back home. I captured it through the back door that now has the screen in. I’m actually happy to report that all the windows have screens in because my husband was a busy bee last weekend.

 Spring feels good!


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