Canada 150 Series 

When you’ve been friends for 40 years there are so many shared memories. Creating new stories and staying connected is what keeps the 40 year old friendships alive and well. Did I saw 40 years?

So this next series of sewing projects  was super fun to create and even more special to give  because they were gifts for the “girls”. Funny how we are still girls after 40 years of friendship! As a background to the story last year I saw this Canada flag material. It came in these small panels. I was instantly smitten and bought 5 of them. It marked a departure for me, the purchasing of material for no actual project. In the quilting world it’s called a stash.

I had no idea that Canada 150 would hit the fabric world. I started seeing it on line and then locally in the quilt shops. When I found the Sask panel I was hooked and had to buy it. Then I sought out and bought the Alberta one for my other half. Then I “needed” some of the coordinating  material to use with these special panels. Then I was searching for specific colours and before you know it I have a stash of Canada 150 material.

I know for sure I’m going to make myself a new tote bag with it before we go to Ottawa for Canada Day. I put that on hold though to make zippy pouches for the “girls”. This gave me a wonderfully creative palette to work with, combining this special material and individualizing each one.

The gift gifting came with a twist though as I put the zippy pouches out and then had everyone guess what number went with what person. Turns out it was a combination of guessing, deductive powers and historical knowledge that gave such different “scores” but even the most perspective missed a couple of obvious clues.

Despite the “marks” everyone present received their gift and one is heading special delivery to its  absent recipient.

Gifts from the heart are always treasured. Those are the best gifts to give. ❤


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