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Worthy of a Read

This is worthy of a read. I didn’t write it but I was struck by what was written. I’ve often thought, and occasionally stated, that this blog has a very narrow focus. Indeed truly my life does. I am blessed; female, educated, happily married, home and land owner, white and Canadian. I mean, really, I live a charmed life. Sure I stress about stuff and have issues with my weight but my biggest concerns aren’t truly big in the wider picture of life.

So read on for a delightful conversation that ensued in Moose Jaw this weekend. Outside of a building between two random strangers each ambling along in their own worlds. Let it change our perspectives because we aren’t all so fortunate.



This afternoon, I’ve been running errands to the tune of Gershwin. Just last week I was yearning for a recording of Rhapsody in Blue, and An American in Paris. Well, now I have them. It started when I took an unplanned detour on my way to check my tire pressure, to see if the Burrowing […]

via Always Talk to Strangers — Have Bone-Saw, Will Travel

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