Stubborn streak 

The enthusiasm had long drained away, the energy stores seemed depleted and yet I carried on. Fuelled by determination that I was going to complete the task.

I could wager a guess that these words have fit several situations in my life over the years. I’d much rather quit but sheer tenacity and stubbornness insist I keep going.

It’s a good thing to have finish lines but sometimes one becomes so focused and driven that they ignore warning signs. Fortunately I’ve learnt to pace myself much more than I would have 20 or even 5 years ago.

Today’s finish line was the last baseboard to be stripped and sanded. 122 linear feet (a mere 18 boards) doesn’t sound that long but it probably represented about 10 hours of 2 hour-long stints at it.

Tech Win — figured out how to mark up a photo. A good use of persistence!!

But it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s restorations, gardening, rock walls, triathlons, quilting or professional work I just don’t know when to draw the line. I have a touch of the Dunn stubborn streak (the comment section below may light up if any of my biological family read my blog!) and just don’t quit. My sibs have long called me the Energizer Bunny.
Persistence can be a good trait but when it becomes pig-headed stubborn that’s when it becomes a liability. It’s always a challenge to know where that line is!


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