A box of positives 

Have you ever misplaced something important? Occasionally it’s little things like vehicle keys or a debit card . Those can be hard to find because they are small. Misplacing something valuable like your wedding rings, passports or plane tickets (back when the travel agent printed and mailed them to you) can lead to some serious grey hair and a lot of serious swear words while you sweat it out looking for them. Losing something bigger takes serious talent; a mixture of OCD and multitaskeritis. Say like something precious like a baby book. It’s not like you would ever throw out something that special and it’s big enough you should be able to find it.

I bet you can all guess that there is a story with each one of those loses above. I’m happy to report that everything but the truck keys were found. I really thought when we cleaned out the city house we’d find them but alas no. I mean I drove the truck home so the keys had to be there. 

Just like I remember moving the baby books from the fireplace shelves in the city house. They went into a box together. I’ve seen them together in this house on the storage unit shelves downstairs. But when I went to get them before Annabelle was born they weren’t downstairs. I found Spencer’s in a drawer in the main floor bedroom along with assorted other albums.

Say what? Where was Alyssa’s book? They had always sat side by side. Her’s was thicker because I had a daily calendar from her first year. I was exceptionally proud that both books were equally complete and had keepsakes falling out. You see I’m the fourth child in eight years. My baby book has my name in it and a lock of hair. My mother was a busy mother, farm wife and they moved into a new house from living in the garage when I was four months old so there were obvious reasons. You can never catch up on those little details so I was quite diligent. And now I couldn’t find this record when the baby was becoming a momma.

This caused me all kinds of mental angst. Loads of looking and then re-looking a few days later. It’s been bugged me for two months now. Alyssa assured me she hadn’t taken in to her house and she has a better memory than me for sure. I had a few days off and decided that I had to clean up the closet in the main floor bedroom. The goal was two pronged; the baby album and our moose hair tufting. It was a wedding present and I wanted it to hang upstairs in the attic bedroom, it had also not been seen since moving. Those back boxes were the likely holders so Ron pulled them out. In the box of negatives was Alyssa’s album and tons of pictures that I had pulled from albums for her wedding display (leaving gaping holes in albums). Obviously the mess was bugging me, company was coming and so I shoved them all into a box and put it away. Then forgot what I had done with it.  Now I’ve got the same mess again and winter is almost over. Honest, my first winter retired is going to be spent on photo albums and scrap booking trips. I will have quite a stockpile to work through.



My box of negatives was really a box of positives!  The closet is now cleaned up and the baby book was reviewed last evening by momma and gram as we compared key milestones in development. Alas the little calendar seems to still be missing but for now I am much more content.



4 thoughts on “A box of positives 

  1. MamboJam May 4, 2017 / 5:59 pm

    I love finding missing things. Now if I could locate my brain…hmmm


    • bernielynne May 5, 2017 / 9:07 am

      Yeah sometimes it’s the brain that makes all the other things so hard.


  2. Anonymous April 16, 2017 / 1:35 pm

    told you it would show up, It seems when we relax something else, those missing things do appear!


    • bernielynne April 16, 2017 / 2:04 pm

      Whoa — welcome back!! It’s been eons since you left a comment. I think it showed up because I went digging for it. Darn closets are a magnet for mess.


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