Forging New Trails 

One year ago today I posted  Tumultuous Tuesday. As per my usual I often review my posts and occasionally repost or review them if I think they have good content or are still pertinent. It also helps me take stock of what has changed and what hasn’t. I found that with both types of writing I did for those years, the haikus and the blog, that there is definitely patterns and emotions that seem to cycle around. Which is perhaps why change is difficult.

And change it did a year ago. After 10 years on campus the exit was immediate. A year later we still don’t understand why but we do know that the entire department is still in a state of flux and unease. There has been one nonclosure item for Ron but it’s not something in his control and he’s wise enough to just leave it be.

As anticipated we have landed on our feet. Ron spent the spring and summer doing projects which was  awesome. In the fall he connected with three aquintancences around a new methodology for the construction industry. It’s less bid and price driven as all the team players sit down and work together from the design stages onward.  This saves time and supplies which is money as there is better communication with a more forward type of planning. It’s been hugely successful in Europe and is just kind of rolling out across North America. So the four of them are, in essence, educating and custom walking clients through the process.

He spends about 8 hours a day at the computer (better him than me). He’s very self disciplined and focused (me I’d be like hey laundry, oh mail, hm dogs need water and I should ….. Squirrel!!). He’s putting in long hours to get it off the ground and at this point they have one committed  client and have done a few workshops.

So for now I’ve become the primary breadwinner. I’ve taken up self responsibility for travel and, I’m pleased to report, arrive just on time and not late. It’s easy to get sucked into the overtime as we are incredibly short staffed right now and because the money feels good BUT I’m tying to remember about work life balance. We cleared the last hurtle today which was income taxes as we weren’t sure what the hit would be.

We walk the dogs together when I get home.  He still does most of the cooking. The cleaning is perhaps a bit more shared than it used to be. The biggest challenge are my random days off during the week when I work a weekend. He’s having a Skype meeting and so I’m restricted to the attic (that’s pretty easy actually) or the basement. I have no access to the computer on my days off and that’s when I used to do all of my volunteer computer activities but reversely he doesn’t work in the evenings anymore.

There’s been some realignment obviously. A few things we are still working on. The long term implications are delayed retirement for me but we are still talking and planning. In the meantime we continue to smell the roses or in this case enjoy the crocuses.


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