Not Your Average One 

I’m never going to turn this blog into a food blog as I’m not a good enough cook nor do I have an inclination to become focused on only one genre. Plus according to my mother my other half is a better cook than me but I’m at peace with that. I’m a pretty fair baker although, honestly,  my daughter is better. I love food though and we are fond of eating well. We are also into experimenting whether it be with new recipes or because we ran out of an essential ingredient and we live 19 km’s from the nearest store.

So when we tried not your kids grilled cheese sandwiches at the Lost Boy Cafe up on the top of Fernie  Ski Resort we were hooked. On blue skies, fresh snow and good food.

Image result for lost boys cafe fernie ski hill

Today we had no sandwich meat but we had spicy ground beef with mole sauce (last nights left overs and also a new recipe) and some Camembert cheese to add to the Cheddar. Sounded like it would be a great combo.  Ron said it was pretty darn tasty.

I went even more adventurous with mine. I sautéed up some onions, added the Camembert cheese and a can of smoked oysters which I drained and mashed. It was a bit touchy to get turned over but the taste was worth the effort.


Odd for me but I have about four blog posts in the draft file and can’t seem to get any of them published. Today’s focus has been on finishing up a few things here and there so this is at least a little something off my list.

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