Spring “stock”

The geese and the owls are back. The crocuses are just popping up their pretty heads. All of this signals that spring is on its way.

While most people are turning their thoughts to outside deck time or lake time my thoughts have turned to my deep freeze. Didn’t see that coming did you?

If I grow it and then preserve or freeze it, I want to use it before the start of the next season. That doesn’t always happen but it’s the time of year to take stock of what’s left and why. That helps me know what to plant less or more plus what worked well for freezing or canning and what didn’t work. Case in point, more green beans to pickles and less to the freezer as we didn’t really enjoy them but pickled oh yeah!

I spent last evening making more saskatoon and rhubarb compote for my breakfast yogurt. We had saskatoon pie on the weekend and I’m going to make pumpkin muffins tomorrow night. Tonight I was looking for a veg and sautéed up the last of the frozen green beans.

It’s always difficult to predict ahead what the growing season will be like. A bumper crop of onions might only come along once every 25 years (real story) and it’s take a drought to get a good native saskatoon harvest. So carrying a few items over is usually ok although if I wanted to give away the last of my raspberry vinegar I’m certain both my children would step up to help me out! Carrying over a large amount means it’s time to not grow something (like Thai peppers) for a year or two!

My hope was the show you the cold storage room with the shelves of preserves. Alas the new one is just a cut up bunch of lumber and the Herbie shelf is in a sad state of repair and has tempest measures holding it up. So I will skip submitting that photo. Perhaps when it is created I will post it over on my other blog at http://www.1918eatonseager.wordpress.com


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