EPIC Trails 

There are times when you NEED caps lock and superlative words to encapsulate the kind of day it’s been.

EPIC trails with fresh powder. Sic pow as my skiing friend Ziggy calls it. And it was EPIC, weirdly enough.

It rained all evening and most of the night in Fernie. It was still raining when we left for the ski hill in the morning. The rides to the chair lift were kind of icky with this pellety kind of snow. The snow on the ground was EPIC to ski!

The sun wasn’t very evident during the ski day. The bonus was that the temperature stayed just below freezing so it wasn’t rain until we came down to the car park.

I was pretty pumped that it was my day 7 of the year and 4 of this trip as it meant that I had my legs soldidly working. My turns, for me, were pretty decent in the pow and good on the groomed and the crud. I was emulating one of my words for the year on the hill today: confident.  I will never look EPIC like my man though even in his Sun Ice 80’s gear!


This is the kind of day that makes you feel so lucky. All the stars aligned on so many levels to be here today. Past experience, lucky choices and some default settings.

Then to top the day off we went for EPIC CHOCOLATE at the Bean Pod in Fernie. Munchies and a beer plus a long hot tub. Then a fabulous supper which we capped off with Saskatoon pie and creme brûlée. I mean really, what’s not to love about today! I even got some sunshine this afternoon once we left the hill although I didn’t capture it well.

Winter holidays rock. The final hashtag says it all.


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