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Throwback Thursday “ski style”

This seemed like a pretty obvious topic for Throwback Thursday when we were talking about ski styles, clothing and our history of skiing together. I’m not at home so can’t access any super old photos so that’s the only bummer. The one below is fairly recent although the only reason we know is because of the jacket colours.

Today’s was inspired because someone got a new jacket.  Who knew you could do a selfie with 4 people and even manage to get jackets/people in it!

Old school photos would show that one of us hasn’t changed their outerwear since the early 1980’s. He doesn’t plan on it anytime soon either. He’s instantly recognizable that’s for sure! His gear isn’t as old as the stuff below but someone in our crowd did have lace up ski boots a zillion years ago. We all recognize that type of binding.

The thing that photos don’t show is how much fun we have or how the sport pushes us physically and mentally. It’s hard to ski as hard as we did in our teens and twenties. Maybe now we just ski smarter? Whatever. As the younger crowd says we had some sic pow today and I didn’t faceplant so it’s all good.


If I’d had any energy left I would have talked about the apple for lunch in the 70’s because all my money was spent on the lift ticket. Or the first time I skied with my future husband. Or the awesome family trips we had to the mountains. But I’m tired! 

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