Boiling Point 

I suspect that the question is rhetorical because what the boiling point in one might not be the same in another. We aren’t like water.

The question is what sends us over the edge. Not the big stuff that desecrates hearts because that’s obvious. No the stuff on a little daily basis that builds up and finally combusts.

How does the straw actually break the camel’s back (and why is that a saying?)? What is it about that ONE thing you’ve faced like a thousand times before that blows you out of the water. Where did the coping skills go that usually stand you in good stead?

Is it cumulative like rain dripping into the water barrel? Or is it like the iceberg top?

Intellectually I know that lack of sleep, dehydration, pain and stress can trigger a little tiny incident to become a huge big issue.

There is a wide variety of spots where things can boil over. Things like deadlines, financial concerns, work expectations, social obligations, health issues and family dynamics. How could I forget technical issues. Like how computers supposed make our life easier but unless you provide them with basic maintenance perhaps they won’t work well. The list is long and won’t be the same for everyone. On some days we cope and on others we don’t.

But after the boiling point is reached the range of impacts can be devastating. Getting things back to an even keel after can take a tremendous amount of mental energy. If that ever happens. Facing things is hard and takes resolution and commitment to ourselves.

Life doesn’t come with a manual. Sometimes it seems bloody hard but you just keep walking. Trying your best to cope and make sense of the trials that come your way. Remembering the blessings that can be found hiding behind the clouds.


I had this partially written on Friday which was St. Patrick’s Day. Hitting publish never happened but I’ve kept the Irish Proverb theme anyway.

One thought on “Boiling Point 

  1. MamboJam May 4, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    I needed to read this today. Thank you 🙂


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