15 dog years equals old! 

Anyone who follows the blog knows that I dislike the wind. And yet 15 years ago we named our dog Breeze because it was a windy day. Go figure that out.

It was love at first sight. 

She’s been such a constant in our lives. Her enthusiasm  for the daily  walk has never wavered. The intensity that she brought to playing fetch in the water was crazy. She’d be shaking from exhaustion before she ever give up going back in. She was happy to be a city dog but happier to be a country dog. 

She’s stone deaf now and her sites Great but she can still tell when it’s suppertime. She has never quit pacing and worrying that we were going to forget to feed her. She can’t do stairs anymore but she can still walk 5K on the road and be happy the whole time. 

15 is kind of crazy old for a lab but she’s come through another winter. Her coats scraggly and she hates getting her feet cleaned but she still knows her people. Her quality-of-life is still very high. According to the vet she’s still pretty darn healthy although she is definitely getting a little bit confused on occasion or perhaps it’s just the site and hearing affecting her. I think she’s lasted so long because of the long daily walks. Got to run — she’s expecting her afternoon walk! 


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