Post Haiti 

A year ago today I touched down in Haiti and our medical mission touched the lives of poverty stricken Haitians. But it also profoundly touched my life and perhaps those around me.

I did a blog post for every day of our time there and reviewed them a while ago when I put them into a Page called HAITI MISSION. The posts can all be found at the top in the header.

I’ve recently had a long conversation with a Recovery Room nurse who went back for the second year. Plus several conversations with new team members that went. They had baptism under fire scenarios and it really bonded them. There were definitely some major challenges and a few issues we didn’t face but they kept moving forward. Whatever it takes. 

The political climate seems a little more stable and the team saw a bit more of Port au Prince on their day off than we did. The orphanage was returned to and some of the same children cuddled again this year. There is no sign of our gifts from last year but perhaps they sell them for food and is so that’s ok. Whatever it takes.

They did good work. Not only did they help patients but they paid it forward for other teams. The hard working team created shelving for medical equipment and further organized all the “stuff”. They created benches for the roof top deck. They created more Saskatchewan good will with the staff at Bernard Mews. More lessons learnt for the next mission. Whatever it takes.




Whatever it takes. That’s the point. That we have to do whatever it takes to make a difference. In Haiti (all photos shared with permission).  In our own hospital. In our own lives. We have to live passionately. Commit to doing our best. Circumnavigate pot holes.

The cover photo is of the general surgeon, Sarah, who removed a huge tumor from the woman hugging her. The patient said this year she will come back every year to see Sarah. The trip to the hospital is long and arduous but she’s committed to thanking those that cared for her. Lets’s all care for each other.


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